1. In the event of non-payment by the due date of an amount owed, default interest of 12% per year will be payable by operation of law and without any default notice, and the outstanding balance will be increase by 12%, with a minimum of €250.00, even in the event that grace periods are granted.

2. All agreements with the client form part of an overall contractual relationship. If the client does not fulfil its obligations under one agreement, the further implementation of the agreement concerned, as well as all other current agreements, may be suspended.

3. All agreements between any lawyer and the client are exclusively governed by Belgian law. Belgian courts have sole competence, and such competence shall be more specifically determined with relation to the registered address of the service provider (bvba D2 Law, or bvba Koen Baluwé.

4. Each lawyer is insured with respect to professional liability. The client accepts that this insurance is sufficient and accepts that the liability of the lawyer, subject to his/her cover, is limited to the amount paid out by the insurance company for the case in question. If, for whatever reason, the professional liability insurer does not cover such damage, the liability of the particular lawyer is, at any event, limited to the fee charged for the relevant case, subject to a maximum of €25,000.00. All claims against any lawyer shall expire one year after the factual event from which such claim arose.

5. The current general terms and conditions have been stipulated for the benefit of all parties to the grouping arrangement of De Bock & Baluwé, and all lawyers who depend on this grouping arrangement or who rely on the present grouping agreement for the execution of the client’s assignment.