In its website ,the law firm De Bock & Baluwé makes use of cookies. This cookie policy (hereinafter: “Cookie Policy”) informs you as a visitor to the website about their use.

You are not obliged to accept all cookies. In fact, the acceptance of cookies does not constitute a condition for visiting the website. However, you do run the risk that certain applications on our website will not function optimally if cookies are refused.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small (text) files. When you visit the website of the law firm De Bock & Baluwé, small (text) files will be stored on, or access will be given to (text) files previously placed by De Bock & Baluwé on your peripherals (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc). When, as a user, you surf this same website in future, the data stored in the cookies can be retrieved by the website to inform it concerning previous activities of the user. Cookies act as a kind of reminder to the website.

Cookies can be added both by De Bock & Baluwé itself (“first party cookies”) or by third parties (“third party cookies”). In addition, they can be added temporarily (“session cookies”, which disappear when you close your browser session), or permanently (“permanent cookies”, which are permanently placed on your device until you delete them manually).

Also, there are different types of cookies:

  • Many of the cookies, so-called functional session cookies, are used to ensure your website visit runs smoothly. For example, cookies are used to deliver services or save settings such as saving your preferences (e.g. language).
  • Strictly necessary cookies. As the name suggests, these cookies are strictly necessary to enable you to surf on the website or use specific functionalities.
  • There are also tracking cookies. These are cookies that will monitor and track your behaviour on the website in order, for example, to offer you personalised adverts based on your surfing behaviour.
  • Then, there are analytical cookies/performance cookies. These cookies are used to compile statistics about the surfing behaviour of visitors to a website. This enables a more optimal user experience to be offered. For example, such cookies analyse the duration of visits, the number of visitors, the pages of the website that are most visited, the sequence for visiting,…
  • Finally, there are “third party cookies”. As indicated above, these are cookies placed on our website by third parties. With respect to the cookies placed by these third parties, please consult the relevant statements provided by them on their own websites.

Which Cookies are used by De Bock & Baluwé?

cookie: language choice for website

·  objective: choosing the language of the website

·  own cookie;

cookie: Google Analytics

·  collection and display of detailed statistics from a website in order to give the website manager a clear picture of, among other things, visitor flows, traffic flows and page views;

·  cookie van third party cookie

How can I manage these Cookies?

At the start of your visit to our website, you have the option whether or not to accept cookies by using the bar at the bottom of each page.

If subsequently you wish to manage your cookie settings, you can do this via the browser settings for your respective browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari,…) or by permanently erasing your “browser history”.

·   Cookie settings Chrome:…hl=nl

·   Cookie settings Internet Explorer:

·   Cookie settings Firefox:



The law firm De Bock & Baluwé Advocaten reserves the right to update the present Cookie Policy and thereby to modify it unilaterally. It is therefore recommended that you regularly consult the website and the present Cookie Policy. As soon as a new Cookie Policy takes effect, your permission will be requested anew regarding the use of cookies.


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