In principle we attend to the interests of our clients in return for a fee, calculated on the basis of the number of hours worked on a case.

The hourly rate varies, depending on the experience, seniority and speciality of the lawyer. The hourly rate for trainees is an average between €100.00 and €125.00, for lawyers on our staff at an average of between €125.00 and €140.00, and for partners an average of between €150.00 and €170.00.

At the request of our clients, and depending on the individual case, a fixed budget can be proposed, which may or may not be associated with a success fee. Other forms of agreement are also possible.

In addition to the fee, the firm charges an additional lump sum amounting to 10% of the fee for office and secretarial costs, and any advanced payments are passed on.

With each statement of fees, our clients receive a detailed overview of the service provided and the costs paid out in advance.

The firm invoices on a regular basis to cover the services already provided. In exceptional circumstances, a commission may be requested in advance.

At the start of every collaboration, the method of co-operation is discussed, and agreements are made concerning fees, so that our clients are never confronted with surprises on this point.

You can find our firm’s General Terms & Conditions here.