Our firm assists clients and provides advice on employment with respect to individuals. We draw up employment contracts and advise on their termination (both with regard to workers/employees and with regard to sales representatives).

We determine the notice period that must be taken into account in the case of termination of an employment contract, and assess the severance payment, which an employee can claim if the employment agreement is terminated with immediate effect.

In exceptional circumstances, it is possible to terminate an employment contract for an urgent cause. Our firm guides clients in cases in which an employment contract has been terminated for an urgent cause when, amongst other things, we advise on the strict legal requirements and the deadlines to be observed.

In addition, we advise regarding the validity of non-competition clauses included in employment contracts.

Disagreements with regard to the qualification of sales representation and the resulting consequences (e.g. claim to compensation for bringing in a client list) are also part of our specialist experience.