In our office we possess a considerable amount of know-how on company law.

We advise our clients on the setting up of companies (including the most appropriate form of company) and drafting their Articles of Association. Frequently, we also get involved in drawing up shareholders’ agreements, agreements with the Managing Director, etc.

We assist our clients in taking, minuting and carrying out all decisions required under company law.

In the case of disputes between shareholders (both in the pre-litigation phase and in the context of possible proceedings) we support our clients (both before the ordinary courts and in the context of arbitration proceedings). We possess considerable experience in the typical resolution of disputes between shareholders, in which one shareholder may demand the exclusion of another shareholder or require the forced takeover of the shares of the latter.

Also, you will find that we are the right address with respect to director’s liability, both for advice and for support in the event of disputes.

Every year, we provide support in a number of acquisition cases in very different sectors, and in doing so, we work both for buyers and for sellers. We guide our clients from start to finish in such processes, and are responsible for preparing and organising the data room, conducting an investigation of the accounts or due diligence, conducting negotiations and/or drafting the takeover contract. We also provide advice concerning financing and may be involved in setting up possible supplementary contracts, such as leases, service contracts, shareholder agreements and option agreements (put and call).

Furthermore, we have practical experience with mergers and divisions of companies, (quasi-) contributions and other techniques under company law.